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One benefit of using Concrete is it has proven to be better than other leading building materials; this is because it is a much stronger material than asphalt. Another benefit is that it is an environmentally safe product. With this subject being a major concern today, the new technologies on the market help make concrete materials an even wiser choice. Emerald City Shot Blasting is your first choice in the Seattle area for all types of Concrete Polishing. Give us a call today at 206-745-4688, or fill out our online request form.

can be beneficial when there is rain damage, surface stress, delamination, improper curing, curled cold joints, joint shoulder failure or just because of wear and tear from many years of use. It can increase strength for old deteriorating weak concrete finishes, with more abrasion resistance and an increase in impact resistance. The increase of ambient lighting makes it environmentally friendly by reducing the cost of lighting, as well as enhancing the beauty of your floor.

Polished Concrete is fast becoming one of the preferred flooring choice for industrial, institutional, government, commercial and residential applications. The following is a short list of benefits with “Polished Concrete

  • Durability – The concrete polishing process actually refines and makes the surface harder. With proper cleaning, polished concrete will give you years of trouble free service.\
  • Unique Appearance – Depending on the steps performed the consumer has a variety of looks to choose from, degree of shine, the level of aggregate exposure, custom colors, decorative saw cuts, custom logo’s, etc. No other flooring system offers the consumer such a variety of options.
  • Non Slip – Polished Concrete is often misconceived as being a slippery surface. When in reality, if the polished floor is maintained and kept clean the Coefficient of Friction will meet or exceed the American National Safety Institute Standards.
  • Low Maintenance – Wax, strippers, or harsh chemicals are not needed to maintain polished concrete. Occasional wet mopping, or auto scrubbing with a ph neutral cleaner is basically all that is needed to keep a polished floor looking good.
  • LEED – (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Polished Concrete can assist in gaining points in both Indoor Environmental Quality, and Materials & Resources categories.
  • Repair & rejuvenate older existing slabs – The grinding, densification, and polishing process can bring back an old worn slab to better than new condition, with a much harder abrasion resistant surface.
  • Ambient Lighting – The reflectivity of Polished Concrete increases the ambient lighting. Depending on the facility this could add up to substantially less overhead lighting needed.
  • Economics – The upfront cost for polished concrete may not be the least expensive option, it is far from the most expensive. Keep in mind, independent studies have determined the cost of maintenance alone on alternative flooring can exceed the installation cost of polished concrete within a 1 or 2 year period.