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Shot Blasting

Concrete floor coatings require proper surface preparation in order for the coating materials to obtain proper adhesion to the concrete substrate. Shotblasting is a self contained mechanical means of surface preparation, is the method strongly preferred by coating manufacturers and industry trade associations.

Coating systems can fail if the thin top surface of the concrete called laitance, sealers, curing agents and other contaminants are not removed. Shotblast surface preparation is utilized to clean the concrete surface and provides a proper surface profile along with removing laitance, sealers and curing agents. Shotblast surface preparation produces very little airborne dust or contaminations do to the utilization of a filtered vacuum system.

Surface Prep

  • Emerald City Shot Blasting has the equipment to get the job done on schedule and on budget. Our trucks are set up with on board, or tow behind generators, omitting the need for our customers to provide onsite power. All our surface prep equipment is fitted with the appropriate dust collection systems, to provide our customers with a dust free work environment.
  • Shot Blasting – Shot Blasting concrete floors is the preferred method of surface prep for most coatings manufactures, flooring &coatings installers. Shot Blasting provides a clean, dry, profiled substrate for excellent adhesion properties. The process is virtually dust free. Diamond Grinding-Diamond grinding is the perfect procedure for removal of coatings, mastics, glues, surface staining, etc. Diamond grinding is also an excellent way to remove curled control joints, lippage, trip hazards, poorly finished concrete, rain out damage, etc.
  • Shave Master – Applications: Surface prep, lippage removal, curled joint repair, rain out removal, aggregate exposure, coatings removal, grooving for non slip. With the use of our “Shave Master” we have the capability to remove up to a 1/4”d x 11”w of material in1 pass. Unlike scarifying the “Shave Master” cuts the substrate using a drum holding up to 50 saw blades creating a uniform precise removal, without micro fracturing the surface.
  • Scarifying – Do you need concrete floor preparation to remove adhesives, epoxy, urethanes, mastic and glue? Do you have uneven concrete floors? Are the edges of your concrete floors not level? If you face these concrete floor problems, Emerald City Shot Blasting offers concrete scarifying services that will:remove any unwanted materials from your concrete floor , and smooth the uneven areas of your concrete floor through our proven concrete scarification systems. Also, our concrete scarifying offers you effective concrete floor leveling service by dangerous high spots.
  • Concrete Grinding – Emerald City Shot Blasting provides all types of concrete grinding services. If you are looking for a fresh surface to your concrete, need it rough for an epoxy, or are just looking to get your concrete level, Emerald City has you covered. Give us a call to discuss any concrete grinding you need done.